Star Jelly

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Star Jelly

One of the topics in that show “Contact” is “Star Jelly”. There are multiple accounts from various witnesses around the world of this stuff falling from the sky near the time of a UFO sighting. There are legends of it from Mexico that date back to the Aztec time. In one recent case, it blanketed a town in the state of Washington and caused flu-like symptoms all over the town. 

“Cellular organic matter” which exists as “pre-stellar molecular clouds” which float through space.

“The interesting part about all of these theories is that, when tested, it was concluded that the specimen didn’t contain any DNA (plant or animal). So it is actually unlikely that the substance has a connection with the animal or plant-life in question.”

Star Jelly does seem very “marketable” … it inspired the “classic” film … “The Blob“.

the blob movie


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