Skinwalker Ranch

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Skinwalker Ranch

I made it halfway through the season finale of The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch… then I was interrupted by a crying baby. On one hand, I am pissed that they only filmed seven episodes … on the other hand, they start revealing more stuff and I am surprised they are even continuing to work there … it is unbelievably dangerous. I also can’t believe that “beams” of electro-magnetic radiation cause bone spurs etc. Very interesting that this phenomenon that the team experienced/measured is similar to cancer treatment today. I also can’t help but reflect on the fact that the phenomenon seems to be attracted to cows and humans have worshiped cows and bulls for as long as we have had them domesticated. When you look at some of those cultures that worshiped bulls and cows you find other stories of radiation and energy. The story of Moses is a classic. There is the whole golden calf¬†and then you have the whole Moses story which is filled with tales of radiation and fire … a burning bush… he is glowing after returning from Mount Sinia… Mount Sinia literally means mountain of fire to begin with… then there is the Ark which is filled with tales of electrical and radioactive energies. You can start to see why wealthy Mormons in Utah are very interested in this whole thing.


The other thing that is interesting here is the science of “fire” and “light” … in pop-culture, we associate the discovery of fire with a transformation in human evolution. Today, we are on the brink of finally discovering and putting to use the opposite of fire. We think we have done it on a small scales. Not something you think much about … the opposite of fire … the impact that might have.

What do I mean by opposite? Well, in simple form, fire, is just a chemical process that uses energy to turn matter into light. In the universe, there are various opposite processes by which you can turn light back into matter. So, you can have combustion and the opposite of combustion. In labs, they smash gamma rays together to achieve this. In the natural world, plants almost pull this off … they convert light into energy… but I don’t think they convert it into matter per say (although the energy is used to create sugars which become a part of the plant … so maybe). In some ways this natural process is already kind of the opposite of fire. Fire is an exothermic reaction that uses Hydrocarbons and Oxygen to create Light, Heat and Carbon Dioxide. Plants are an endothermic reaction that uses Light, Heat and Carbon Dioxide to create Hydrocarbons and Oxygen. Fire however gives off light as a bi-product, so, I have to imagine that there are simple processes by which matter could be a bi-product of some sort of endothermic process.

So what does all this have to do with Skinwalker? Well, you have all these energies on the ranch and you have phenomenon that manifest themselves physically. What if these energies can create matter based on some sort of imaging of time. Take the wolf example … which resembles a wolf that lived in the area prior to the ice age… what if instead of a dimensional portal you actually have creation of matter based on something from the past. Perhaps these phenomena can’t exist for long for environmental reasons like temperature etc. This takes us into another area of science where we are learning more and more about the way in which light and matter can interact. Again, here we find electromagnetic energy being used in a lab to show us that light and matter are not two different things … they are interconnected and when bursts of electromagnetic energies are introduced strange phenomenon start to happen.

All of that said, the Skinwalker scientists seem convinced that there is an intelligence to these phenomenon … that they are controlled by something and these events that occur are triggered almost like a communication effect. Again, I go back to the origin story where Natives believed they could communicate with something and invite it to live here. On the ranch, they introduce live stalk almost as a sacrifice to the phenomenon. Is a sacrifice then really just a way of communicating? That brings us right back to religion. We have thousands of years of sacrifice being used as a way of communicating. Could that communication not only be real … but did the ranch team actually just measure and document it?


“God required animal sacrifices as a way for people to temporarily atone for their sins and draw nearer to God.” Could this statement really mean … “atone” = “safety from being hurt by the phenomenon” (ex; rubber protecting you from lightening) … and “draw nearer” = “experience the phenomenon up close” …

The cows on the ranch are a bit like the rubber tires of your car (not perfect but offers some protection from a lightning strike). Attempting to communicate w/ the phenomenon by way of scientific testing (sending rockets into the air) is allowing them to experience it.

Another point I get stuck on around the sacrifice thing is that it is violent. There are a lot of theories about violent energy ending up encoded to physical objects and re-animated by energies in a playback loop we call a ghost. A bit like a movie stored in your house that a certain type of energy can replay. Does a sacrifice create a similar scenario one in which something in the distant future (or distant past?) can access and communicate through. Most thought experiments in time travel require us to pivot forward and backward around an “event”. Advanced cultures often seem like gods … Take, for example, the John Frum religion. Could this be a communication with the future or the past? It seems theoretically possible that cattle mutilations are simply a method of this sort of violence traveling through time? Even the idea of a wolf or predator from the distant past haunting Skinwalker seems to echo this idea of “violent beginnings”.

Let’s also not forget that the Mormon religion begins with an entity visiting Joseph Smith in upstate NY and directing him to golden tablets from an ancient religion buried in the ground. The state of Utah itself gets its start from the paranormal.


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