Saddam Stargate Theory

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I am really digging the Saddam Stargate Theory which suggests Iraq might have had an ancient Sumerian Stargate tied to a race of Gods they worshiped called the Annanacki that came from the stars to use humans as slaves for mining gold. The Denver Airport for example is near all of our chemical weapons storage and it was the processing center for gold. Our chemical weapons are stored next to where the government told Steven Speilberg we store archeological relics. Saddam also had chemical weapons, plenty of gold mining, and a large cache of archeological relics. Coincidence? Further fueling this in my mind is my own experience near ancient Sumerian pit mines along the Euphrates. The government had some strange obsession/force protecting these mines that to this day I can’t quite understand. Stargate is the first theory that starts to make sense of this whole situation. For the record, Stargate was a real thing.

The Stargate Project was based where all of the “Indiana Jones” relics were moved to. Taking this one step further, the unit that operated in the area once known as Babylon was the 3rd ACR. They did so with a ton of controversy because they took over abandoned houses and lived among the people. The 3rd ACR is out of Colorado. When they returned, they wanted to move their museum to the chemical weapons Depot for storage. Then, a group of people in DC tied to the Indiana Jones storage facility came and emptied the museum and moved it to who knows where.

Oddly enough, Chemical Weapons and Alchemy kind of go hand in hand. Also, gold, chemical weapons, and unrest are uniquely tied together. And guess who else used chemical weapons—the ancient Sumerians.

The Appalachian Gold Rush

Actually, the first Gold Rush was in Appalachia. Before that, the Mayans imported gold and copper from Appalachia by boat. They have even found Appalacian copper in ancient Egypt so it was exported around the globe. The Ohio River is a critical trade route that connects the mysterious mines up the great lakes region and the Mothman has been sighted much farther north.

Side note, there are two chemical weapons depots—one in Appalachia and one in the Rockies.

As they say, history is written by winners. There is a huge problem with researching the native tribes that were killed off by the surviving ones because they have such a strong lobby to protect land/casinos/etc. It’s why so few people understand the vast trade network that once existed.

You will have a few people in New Orleans, let’s say, that trace their lineage back to a tribe that was killed by a surviving one (that played a significant role in Appalacian gold trade) and the surviving one will block (using lobbyists) any official recognition of those people to protect their reservation, subsidies, and casinos. Some scholars try to fight this but in a mostly liberal University system, those scholars are frowned upon because they are seen as hurting people who already suffered too much. They will even go so far as to block archeology or field research under the premise of protecting ancient burial grounds of their ancestors (even though there is no relation at all).

Stargate in Iraq

Back to the Stargate in Iraq (given to the ancient Sumerians) theory. In 2002, Russia was about to sign a $40B trade deal with Iraq. The US invasion puts an end to that. One would assume that Russia didn’t just walk away. What if they were given something? 11 years later they get to play in Syria … and they walk in and take the Crimean Peninsula. What if Crimea was the trade? If the US and Russia both wanted to control Stargate why would Russia agree to the trade? What if there is a second Stargate?

So, what does the Crimean Penninsula have to do with an ancient Sumerian legend? The ancient people who lived on the Crimean Peninsula were the Tauri. The race of humans in the movie/show Stargate are called the Tauri. Coincidence? I don’t think so. The word has roots in Tauris which is the constellation tied to the Sumerian legend about the Stargate. It doesn’t end there. These people were a part of the empire that destroyed the Sumerian empire. Specifically, they were the tribe used for looting. After they looted the Sumerian empire (and stole a Stargate or learned where one was?) They isolate themselves in the mountains of the Crimean Penninsula and create such a fearsome reputation for violence that no one touches them for centuries. So here we have two major empires in the world caring so deeply about two little places on the planet both connected to the Stargate. Caring so deeply that they just walk away from $40B. Crazy enough, the connection goes on from here.

For example, the ancient Summerian story also has a flood/ark tale. Many theologians agree that there might be an ark in the Ural mountains in/near the Crimean Penninsula. Could the ark be Stargate?

Also, I don’t think it’s a coincidence that the Ural mountains have a similar name to the ancient city of Ur. The funny thing though is that the think tank featured in the movie Indiana Jones looking for ancient artifacts during WW2 made expeditions into both Iraq and the Crimean Peninsula. Yet one more empire connecting these two regions.


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