The largest apes went extinct 100,000 years ago. Which really isn't that long ago. What if they made it over a land bridge in search of food? Years ago North America had a lot of bamboo. So, what if that was what these apes came for? What if they are still here? Ohio...

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Saddam Stargate Theory

I am really digging the Saddam Stargate Theory which suggests Iraq might have had an ancient Sumerian Stargate tied to a race of Gods they worshiped called the Annanacki that came from the stars to use humans as slaves for mining gold. The Denver Airport for example...

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Skinwalker Ranch

Skinwalker Ranch I made it halfway through the season finale of The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch... then I was interrupted by a crying baby. On one hand, I am pissed that they only filmed seven episodes ... on the other hand, they start revealing more stuff and I am...

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Star Jelly

Star Jelly One of the topics in that show "Contact" is "Star Jelly". There are multiple accounts from various witnesses around the world of this stuff falling from the sky near the time of a UFO sighting. There are legends of it from Mexico that date back to the Aztec...

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Conspiracy of the Evergreen Tree

Why have we re-forested the united states with Pine following the great harvest of the 1800s and early 1900s? A part of me wonders if the south played a role in this. Most of the pine reforest program started there. It helped make the chemical industry a lot of money....

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